Arriving in Tanzania

We flew from Boston to Amsterdam on Northwest Airlines, and then on to Arusha, Tanzania on KLM Airlines. We landed in Arusha, tired but happy, around 10:00 at night on February 22.

The airport building in Arusha was a simple box-like structure sitting right next to the tarmac. Leaving the plane (via a stairway that was rolled up to the door) and walking into the building took less than a minute. Once inside, we waited in line while customs officials reviewed paperwork and finally stamped our passports with their approval.

We retrieved our luggage and walked out into the hot African night. A warm breeze was blowing and we were pleased to notice that the night sky was lit up with stars. We were immediately met by our first guide, a native Tanzanian named Mohamed. We piled our duffel bags into the Land Rover and set off to find the lodge.

And thus began our African adventure....


Here's an overview of the areas we visited. You can follow along on the map above. The red dotted line traces our route.
bulletArusha National Park
bulletSerengeti National Park
bulletNgorongoro Conservation Area (the Crater and Ndutu Lodge)
bulletLake Manyara National Park
bulletTarangire National Park

This was Dale's first trip to Africa. For Allen it was the third having traveled there  in 1986 and 1991.


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