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The pages of this memoir are presented in a chronological sequence. Clicking on the navigation arrows will take you through our trip in the way we experienced it. However, you can use the navigation bar at the bottom of each page, or the other links on each page, to go directly to other pages, pictures or web sites.

We were in Tanzania at the end of the dry season. The rainy season was due to start just a few days after we left. A cloud of dust from the dry dirt roads followed us constantlyThe weather for the entire 19 days of our visit was very hot and dry. Everywhere we drove we kicked up great clouds of dust. The only rain we saw was on our very last day ― a downpour that lasted only about 30 minutes. During that short time the rough dirt roads that were our only way of traveling were becoming slippery and difficult to navigate. It is easy to understand why the safari industry comes to a stop during rainy season.

Throughout the entire trip we had a real sense of being "disconnected" from the rest of the world. While two or three of the lodges had a television in the bar area where one could watch CNN, there were otherwise no TVs, radios or telephones anywhere we stayed. There were also no air conditioners! Two of the lodges had a computer that could (allegedly) be used to connect to the Internet. Dale tried this twice, but without much success, as the computers were old and the dial-up connections were unreliable.

Robert at Bubbling Waters oasis in Ngorongoro CraterWe had the most amazing guide! Robert is perfectly suited to his work. He is a native Tanzanian and is proud of his heritage. He is very intelligent and has a terrific sense of humor that often shows itself in a deep, rumbling laugh that is so infectious we could not help but join in.

Robert's knowledge of African wildlife and vegetation is encyclopedic. Not only could he name everything we saw, he often gave us the Latin name as well, along with a brief history of how the name developed. He constantly pointed us to wildlife in the distance that we had thought was a part of the landscape. We could not possibly have had a better guide.

The photos on each page represent animals, things or events that are associated with that particular park or conservation area. Photos were taken on a digital camera at a 2 megapixel setting. The original file size for each photo is around 750 KB. Each image was cropped or resized when inserted into this memoir.

We traveled under the auspices of a terrific tour company, Thomson Safaris. This is the same company that Allen worked with on both previous trips. We were well pleased with everything about the trip and the service that we received. If you would like information about their tours, you can go to their web site, or contact them at:

Thomson Safaris
14 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Toll free: 800-235-0289


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