Tarangire National Park

Dikdiks are very small and skittishOur tented "home" at Tarangire Safari LodgeTarangire Treetops LodgeA rare sighting: Verreaux Owls in the daytime
We reached our final destination, Tarangire National Park, with mixed feelings. We had experienced two wonderful weeks of nature at its best and had been privileged to observe about 125 different species of animals. We had also had two weeks in the blistering African sun ― inhaling dust, swatting tsetse flies, and bouncing around in the back of the Land Rover for 8 hours each day ― and we were pooped! We were happy to have arrived at this point in our travels, but sad that our adventure would soon be over.Tarangire river is a source of life to many animals

Tarangire did not disappoint us! There were spectacular vistas and an abundance of wildlife. We stayed at two lodges while in this national park ― Tarangire Treetops and Tarangire Safari Lodge.

Tarangire Treetops is truly unique in that the individual cabins are built up in large trees and are supported on stilts. Because each treetop cabin had its own hot water tank, we had to plan ahead to arrange for hot water for bathing. This was accomplished by building a fire under the water tank and waiting for the system to heat up. Our dinner at Treetops was served outside by a blazing campfire, closely surrounded by the dark African night and all of the sounds that it contained.

Our favorite accommodations were at Tarangire Safari Lodge, a tented camp. The lodge sits on a ridge overlooking a scene of natural beauty that goes on for miles. Below us was the Tarangire River and a wide variety of animal life that came to it for life-sustaining water. From outside our tent we had a particularly good view of large groups of elephants grazing below us.

Our final day in Africa was spent traveling from Tarangire to the Mt. Meru Hotel in Arusha, where we had arranged for a day room. Here we were able to rest and freshen up for our return trip. During lunch at the hotel, we had the great privilege of meeting with Gebra, the guide that had taken Allen on both of his previous trips to Tanzania. It was a joyful reunion for them.

The return trip, from the airport in Arusha to Allen's home in Maine, took thirty-two hours. Truly, this was a very special experience that we will always remember.


A group of giraffes at Tarangire


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